ScriptBlast Members
ScriptBlast Members
Hudson Phillips

Courses and community to help you write more consistently.

Your screenwriting journey doesn't have to be so hard.

What is ScriptBlast Members?

ScriptBlast Members is a proven system to help you write more consistently, improve your craft, and become a happier, healthier writer. We combine online courses with real-time community to help you stay motivated, drown out insecurities and find the cheering section you need to thrive. 

Your screenwriting journey doesn't have to be so hard! ScriptBlast Members is designed to help you avoid:

Burn-out, Self-doubt, Distraction, Lack of Clarity, Writers-block, Procrastination, Spinning your Wheels, Imbalance, Discouragement, Wasted Effort, Isolation

See it for yourself: 

As a member you'll get:

  • HOURS OF SELF-GUIDED VIDEO WORKSHOPS covering self-help topics (productivity, mindset) and practical writing tips (outlining, first drafts, writing better scenes, writing better characters) to help you master the fundamentals as well as tackle the emotional toll of being a writer.
  • ACCESS TO A RESOURCE LIBRARY of ebooks, podcasts, and interactive lessons to help elevate your craft.
  • A WEEKLY GROUP-COACHING CALL over Zoom where I’ll answer your toughest questions in real time and hold you accountable on your journey.
  • A CURATED COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED WRITERS to give you better feedback on your scripts and help accelerate your career.

What ScriptBlast Members are saying:

"Being a wife, mother, and business owner I have to be accountable for many things; and being accountable for my writing and my writing aspirations often came up short. ScriptBlast and our group meetings help me create an equal space for my 'North Star', they help me stay focused, motivated, and create space for the dream to become a reality."

Jen, Heidelberg, Germany

"ScriptBlast Members is such an awesome community of like minded creatives striving for a common goal - getting our work done and seen. We share ideas, scripts, wins and frustrations with one another and in a space that feels safe to do so. We aren't competing with each other; we are being encouraged to compete with ourselves and I for one am better for it."

Christine, Minot, ND

"I've always struggled with finding a writing community that would be consistently supportive and kind. ScriptBlast Members has been nothing but both. It makes a difference in your writing when you're connected with like-minded people and the resources to help you succeed."

Esmeralda, Los Angeles, CA

“The ScriptBlast community is a cheering section drowning out the voices of doubt and fear that run in my mind. It is education, communication, and FUN.”

Laura, Columbia, SC

"In my first year of membership, I’ve benefited tremendously from his worksheets and short videos outlining different approaches to structure and process, and have enjoyed connecting with peers in the weekly Zoom calls."

G.G., New York, NY  

"Hudson and your fellow writers will offer not only encouragement but advice on issues from story and character development to dealing with burn-out and writer's block, as well as feedback for your screenplay. ScriptBlast Members is a good investment in your career."

Larry, East Fishkill, NY

About your host:

Hudson Phillips is an award-winning screenwriter and indie film producer with 15+ years of experience. He started ScriptBlast  provide struggling screenwriters with all the resources and support he wishes he had starting out. ScriptBlast Members is the culmination of that work.