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What is ScriptBlast Members?

ScriptBlast Members brings together a community of like-minded writers to hold each other accountable, give encouraging feedback, and challenge each other in a positive environment so that you can finish your screenplay faster, accomplish your most audacious goals, and become a better writer.

You don't have to go it alone. 

Writing can be a solitary endeavor. But if we can find the right support network, we can make it easier, more productive, and more joyful.

If you’re serious about your writing, we’re ready to connect with you, encourage you, and give the space you need to create magic.  

Hey, I'm Hudson. I sold the second screenplay I ever wrote to a major studio and then struggled for the next 10 years to break in because I didn’t understand two simple but key elements to launching a successful screenwriting career:

  1. The first element is PRODUCTIVITY. Treating writing like a job. Getting up every day at the same time and knocking it out. Once I took control of my productivity, I started knocking first drafts out in less than 2 weeks and finishing multiple screenplays a year. I wanna share those same practical tips with you.
  2. The second thing I didn’t have starting out was COMMUNITY. They say you are only as successful as the five people you spend the most time with so I sought out like-minded creative people and my directionless journey found direction. Every job I've ever gotten has been the result of my network.

Whether you're just starting out or been at it for a decade, you can turn the messy screenwriting journey into a clear path.

There are hundreds of screenwriting coaches and communities out there but no one was addressing these two crucial areas of the screenwriting journey.

That’s why I started ScriptBlast Members: an online productivity and accountability community to help you finish more scripts faster, upgrade your network, and turn your hobby into a career.

See it for yourself: 

As a member you’ll get: 

  • WEEKLY VIDEO LESSONS covering self-help topics (productivity, mindset) in addition to writing tips (outlining, characters, theme) to help you master the fundamentals as well as tackle the emotional toll of being a writer. 
  • ACCESS TO A RESOURCE LIBRARY of ebooks, workshops, and interactive lessons to help elevate your craft.
  • A MONTHLY GROUP-COACHING CALL where I’ll answer your toughest questions in real time and hold you accountable on your journey.
  • A CURATED COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED WRITERS to give you better feedback on your scripts and help accelerate your career.

If you are serious about becoming a productive, connected, working screenwriter, but don’t know where to start, this is the place for you.

"I came upon ScriptBlast by chance and was immediately taken with the spirit of the site. Hudson  focuses on the person within the writer, bringing empathy, enthusiasm and depth to help any writer, at any stage of career."

Screenwriter, “Newsies,” “Disney’s Tarzan”
Professor, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts

ScriptBlast Members has all the necessary information, videos, blogposts and community to help writers stay on their paths and create their best scripts. Hudson has already proven himself to be a wonderful teacher and guide and this easy to maneuver site is a great asset to the writing community he already takes such good care of.” - 

Founder, Finish Line Script Competition

"Hudson is one of the most prolific writers I've met, and what's even more amazing is that he manages to pull it off with such a thoughtful, calm sense of purpose. He's also incredibly transparent about the challenges of the writing life and knows from experience how to navigate the bumps in the road that every writer faces.”

 Screenplay Consultant, Write+Co

About your host:

Hudson Phillips is an award-winning screenwriter and indie film producer with 15 years of experience. He started ScriptBlast 5 years ago to provide struggling screenwriters with all the resources and support he wishes he had starting out. ScriptBlast Members is the culmination of that work.

Your screenwriting journey doesn't have to be miserable. ScriptBlast Members is designed to help you avoid:

Burn-out, Self-doubt, Distraction, Lack of Clarity, Writers-block, Procrastination, Spinning your Wheels, Imbalance, Discouragement, Wasted Effort, Isolation


  1. Sign up for a free one-week trial of ScriptBlast Members below. 

  2. Implement our self-guided productivity system, join our monthly coaching calls, and find a support system in our community.

  3. Finish more scripts faster. Upgrade your network. Turn your hobby into a career.

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